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USES:  Sulfur is a non-systemic contact and protectant fungicide with secondary acaricidal activity. It is used for control of brown rot of peaches, powdery mildew of apples, gooseberries, hops, ornamentals, grapes, peaches, strawberries, sugar beets, apple scab, gall mite on blackcurrant, peanut leaf spot, mildew on roses, mites on beans, carrots, lucerne, melons, and tomatoes, it is used also for the control of rust mite oriental mites and rat spider mite in citrus plantations. etc. Sulfur is also used on livestock and in agricultural premises.


Controls powdery mildews, scabs and rusts of vines, pome fruits, vegetables, and major diseases of small grain cereals.



    Sulfur based formulation including micro nutrients and organic extracts.


    Dark amber to orange color viscous suspension.Type of formulation S.C.

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